Due to the wide range of customers across the country, Bohlul mono pump has hoped to be able to satisfy its customers as much as possible


Due to the principles of customer orientation, all products of the bohlool mano pump, including: solid manure pump, conic material, oil, condensing pump (barrel pump), centrifuge pump, concrete pump and dosing pump since installation for one-year Repair and replacement has been guaranteed. (Except for stator, which is part of consumable)


the electromotor piece is not included in the guarantee of the company because they are not production of our company, and they include the electromotor manufacturer guaranty

After-sales service

Repair and procurement of spare parts for all products of Bohlool Mano pump across the country for up to 10 years after the purchase of the product, are spent at place.
Manufacture of external rotor and stator pumps
Rotor monopumps

Stator monopumps